About me

I am a Senior lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. I started to develop Entrepreneurship curricula and courses in 2000 and have taught for (and about) entrepreneurship at Bachelor, Master, MBA and PhD level in the Netherlands (RSM, UM, MSM, and now Tilburg University), Belgium, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, Kuwait, Peru , Suriname, and Mongolia. I have learned that many people aspire to become entrepreneurs and that education can really make a difference. I also moderate talks, provide in-company training, and occasionally coach ambitious entrepreneurs.


My Passions



My academic career is somewhat unconventional as I discovered early on that I enjoy teaching a lot more than conducting scholarly research. I enjoy co-teaching cases with experienced entrepreneurs and investors.



I love to try new cuisines and have over the years learned to prepare Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Surinamese, Moroccan, Lebanese, and Peruvian dishes. Still a lot more to explore



Lokari Safety Shuttle (had one)

Windcheetah (had one)

Powerbook 100 (had one)

Lotus Elise R (will have one)

Strida (had one)

Quooker (have one)

Los Minimalos Tres (have two)

Senz Umbrella (have several, this company was co-founded by a former student)

Sapiens 202 (I sold these)

Tesla (could occasionally borrow one)

Boblbee (had one)

SunShower (have one)

HomeWizzard (have one)

Stevens Carpo (have a tuned one)

Galileo MOTRR (have one through Kickstarter)

Lunatik (have one through Kickstarter)

M3D Micro (have one through Kickstarter)

Bluesmart (had one)

Joule (have one)

G-Ro (have one)



Our favourite destinations in Europe are Sud-Tirol, Aragon, Ahr valley, and South-Limburg.


Meet me

If you are a colleague, a student at Tilburg University or TIAS, or (co-)founder of a scale-up you can contact me for an appointment. You can check my availability below.


Contact me

Wynand Bodewes
K856, Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg, The Netherlands

+31 64 1362124

w.bodewes [at] tilburguniversity.edu

My resume


Feel free to download my resume.